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The third
Urban Mobility Incubator starting May 16, 2023

Urban Mobility Incubator is a 9-week program of active individual work in teams and mentoring followed by the possibility to deploy your prototype in an urban environment.

City from top down view.
EIT Urban Mobility. Funded by European Union

This project is funded by EIT Urban Mobility, an initiative of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), a body of the European Union.

Why Apply?

As cities grow, the demand for mobility increases. Today urban mobility accounts for 40 % of all CO2 emissions of road transport and up to 70 % of other pollutants from transport within the European Union. By fostering innovation and transforming urban mobility, we can cut unnecessary costs, improve quality of life and contribute to achieving climate targets thus helping cities become climate neutral by 2030, and making cities more livable, inclusive and safe.


Prize fund of 15'000 EUR* + 3'000 EUR

*5 teams receive up to €3000 for prototyping and piloting. Final pitch prize fund is 3000 EUR.


Access to fast track deployment

Getting your prototype from the lab to the city streets is a complicated process that can take up to 18 months. We offer fast track deployment to accelerate your time to market.


Personalized mentoring

Personalized 9-week development plan with individual coaching, 1:1 mentoring sessions and workshops by industry experts Two Dots Consulting and local EDI. If you come with a sustainable idea, we will provide guidance and support in launching your company.


Scale product to EU

We can help you to scale your business to EU level. EIT Urban Mobility network enables access to many European cities.


Street view with smoke

Pollution Control

  • Monitoring and data management of air, noise and light pollution
  • Innovative street cleaning solutions
  • Traffic calming devices
Electric scooter on sidewalk

Micro-mobility and Sharing Economy

  • Improving access and usability of free floating vehicles
  • Micro-mobility points
  • Cycling data gathering and management
Person on bicycle next to a train

Active Mobility

  • Sustainable mobility habits
  • Cycling infrastructure (storage, maps, sharing, gamification)
  • Adaptation of traffic lights to cycling needs
EV Charger

Sustainable Energy for Mobility

  • Renewable energy and EV charging infrastructure
  • Faster transfer toward renewable energy sources
  • Renewable energy at public transport stops
Drone flying above city

Future Mobility

  • Robots and pavement maintenance
  • Drones as part of logistics
  • Autonomous vehicles and infrastructure
Illustrative last mile delivery photo with little robot.

Sustainable city logistics

  • Last mile delivery solutions
  • E-cargo bikes
  • Last mile delivery transfer hubs

Mentors & Team

Inbal Rahav

Inbal Rahav

Two Dots Consulting *Workshop lead
Priel Manes

Priel Manes

Two Dots Consulting *Workshop lead
Armands Jukums

Armands Jukums

Riga City Council
Kaspars Ozols

Kaspars Ozols

Institute of Electronics and Computer Science
Mārtiņš Pakalniņš

Mārtiņš Pakalniņš

Riga City Council
Valts Murāns

Valts Murāns

Viesturs Celmiņš

Viesturs Celmiņš

Aigars Lazdiņš

Aigars Lazdiņš

Riga Technical University
Annija Tropa

Annija Tropa

Elīna Sadauska

Elīna Sadauska


About the programme

The incubator will be a 9 week long program of active individual work and mentoring, followed by a chance to deploy a prototype in the Riga urban environment. Each participant will have a personalized progress plan depending on their situation at the program start. Therefore, we are equally welcoming to completely new teams with high potential ideas as well as already established startups interested in deployment acceleration.

The program will offer up to 5 teams hands-on workshops with supervisors on market research, client profile assessment, prototyping, marketing, etc., with up to 3,000 EUR financial support for each team's prototype development and deployment to build their solution on a real scale.



Making sure that your idea and value proposition is actually targeting real market needs



Researching competition, defining your edge and creating a profitable business model



Creating solution prototype under the guidance of mobility, IoT, AI and other tech experts



Selected teams will have a chance to deploy their prototypes

*Deployment varies across calendar


Final Pitch

Final event to share your progress and received feedback from potential clients

This Urban Mobility Incubator is co-funded by EIT Urban Mobility Regional Innovation Scheme (RIS) an initiative of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), a body of the European Union. EIT Urban Mobility acts to accelerate positive change on mobility to make urban spaces more liveable. Learn more: The program is organized by the innovation movement VEFRESH in partnership with the Riga City Council and the Riga Technical University.

Is Urban Mobility Incubator right for you?


We are open to beginner entrepreneurs with a passion and strong drive to succeed as well as to already established startups looking for that extra push to get their prototype deployed in real urban conditions. Our team selection is based on the following criteria:

  • High potential business idea that addresses the proposed challenges
  • Clear focus on sustainability
  • At least 2 people team with business and tech competences
  • Capacity to devote time and energy to the development during the 9 week program.


Eligible candidates hold the following qualifications:

  • Have an interest in technology, innovation and sustainable urban mobility,
  • Are open-minded and determined to succeed,
  • Have an interest in entrepreneurship and leadership,
  • Are willing to make an extra effort alongside their other activities,
  • Fluency in English.


The program is free of charge.

Join us to develop solutions for improved mobility and reduced pollution!


Practical Info

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How can I apply?

You will be required to fill out an application form that describes your idea and team setup. The applications will be accepted until May 3. If necessary, we also might invite the applicants for interviews with the jury committee or organizer team.

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Who can apply?

Our primary focus are participants from the Baltic states, but we are ready to consider teams from elsewhere in Europe if you are interested in registering your company in Latvia. For more information about how to do this and Startup visa, please check Magnetic Latvia portal.

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How long is the program?

The program will start mid May and will finish in July. Afterwards the final pitch event will be organized.

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What will be expected of me if I participate?

We will expect you to strongly commit to the development of your business strategy and technical prototype during the program time. We also expect the participants to engage with other teams, share constructive feedback and be open to various opinions. We strongly support all teams to become incorporated after the program. We advise and support all teams to become incorporated during the program.

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Will you take our equity?

No, as an incubation program we will not take your equity, but we will ask you to keep us updated about your future milestones and successes after the completion of the program. This will allow us to identify potential cooperation formats and projects that is suitable for you along the way, allowing your company to grow further even after the program.

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What is the prize fund?

Each team can receive up to €3 000 for prototyping and piloting, depending on team-specific needs for further product and service development. Organizers keep the right to evaluate each budget request and it’s fit for solution development, including the work ethic and drive of each team. At the final pitching event teams will also compete for the total cash prize of 3000 EUR!

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